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 What customers say about TEDAMOH!


Temporal data modeling - an expert knowledge

With this training, Dirk and team manage to convey expert knowledge in a fantastic learning atmosphere through their friendly and professional manner.

My experience of the TEDAMOH training "Temporal Data Modeling" summarized in a video.

Patrik Just, Solution Manager for SAP Product Cost Controlling

  • Written by Dirk Lerner
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Increased quality and sped up process

Dirk Lerner was engaged to coach my efforts of creating a data warehouse using data vault 2.0 architecture. It has been a pleasure to work with Dirk. The guidance given has greatly increased the quality of the design and sped up the entire process.

After the first six-month engagement, I put together a financial analysis to examine the ROI of this engagement. What was found is to reach the same point in the project without the coaching engagement would have cost us three times the cost of the coaching and would have expanded the timeline.

Therefore, engaging Dirk for coaching conceptual, logical and data vault data modeling was certainly worth it and would do it again without hesitation.

Edwin Farrar, Enterprise Data Architect

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Methodology to handle bitemporal challenges

Dirk set up a very well structured training on temporal data. It helped me a lot to develop my knowledge on this challenging topic. More important it provided me with a helpful methodology to handle bitemporal challenges in my every days Data Vault modelling and implementation activities.  I highly recommend this training to anybody who is interested in this topic, and wants to enhance their data modeling skills, or simply faces challenges in bitemporal modeling. 

Thank you Dirk!

Yannick Sigwalt | Lead Data Architect, Robert Bosch GmbH  

  • Written by Kim de Vries
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The depth of bitemporal data

I was very satisfied with Dirk Lerner's "Temporal Data in a Fast-Changing World" training. The training answered all my question about bi-temporality, not addressed in other Data Vault trainings with such clarity. Dirk's detailed explanation and hands-on exercises helped me to proceed with the topic with ease. For anybody serious about the depths of bi-temporal data in data warehouses, I highly recommend Dirk's training.

Milan Dobri | Managing DirectorClearview Consulting

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What words come to mind after attending this webinar serie?

Entertaining DMC Webinars

The realization of the 1st webinar package for the preparation for the Data Modeling Certification was a lot of fun and pleasure for all participants and especially for myself. Sharing the knowledge and skills around the methods and concepts of data modeling is a matter close to my heart.

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