• 18. TDWI Roundtable Frankfurt

    Ende April habe ich, als Head of Competence – Agile Data Warehousing bei BLUEFORTE, einen Vortrag über Data Vault beim 18. TDWI Roundtable in Frankfurt/Main gehalten. Die Atmosphäre war super, die Organisation durch das TDWI toll und das Publikum ist mit Leidenschaft in Diskussionen eingestiegen.

  • FCO-IM at TDWI Roundtable

    FCO-IM Example

    FCO-IM - Data Modeling by Example

    Do You want to visit a presentation about Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM) in Frankfurt?
    I’m very proud that we, the board of the TDWI Roundtable FFM, could win Marco Wobben to speak about FCO-IM. In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful technique for building conceptual information models. And the best is, that such models can be automatically transformed into ERM, UML, Relational or Dimensional models and much more. So we can gain more wisdom in data modeling at all.

    But, what is information modeling? Information modeling is making a model of the language used to communicate about some specific domain of business in a more or less fixed way. This involved not only the words used but also typical phrases and patterns that combine these words into meaningful standard statements about the domain [3].

  • Presentations

  • Sketch Notes Reflections at TDWI Roundtable with FCO-IM

    Sketch Notes Reflections at TDWI Roundtable with FCO-IM

    Our 25th anniversary roundtable in Frankfurt with FCO-IM was a great success. Almost 90 registrations and more than 60 attendees is an unexpected outcome for a topic that is almost unknown in Germany. If you want to know what happened at the roundtable, read about it in my previous blog post.

  • Where did I and where will I speak (2016)

    Past, present and future, where did I speak and where will I speak at conferences?

    Since my calendar fills up more and more with presentations at conferences I'll give you a summary to keep track on it. Some of them are already confirmed, for others I've submitted my abstracts but yet not confirmed.