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PD Serie - Standardwert anpassen

Im PowerDesigner den Standardwert ändern oder einen Neuen hinzufügen

Bei FastChangeCo entwerfen die Datenmodellierer des Data Management Center of Excellence (DMCE) Teams zum Speichern von Daten immer wieder neue Datenbankobjekte. Eine der Datenmodelliererinnen im Team ist Xuefang Kaya. Wenn sie eine neue User Story/Aufgabe übernimmt, modelliert sie in der Regel mehrere Tabellen, deren Spalten und legt einen Datentyp für jede Spalte fest.

Wenn z. B. eine Spalte den Zeitstempel für ein Ereignis speichern muss, legt Xuefang für diese Spalte den Datentyp Datum/Zeit (in dem Fall sogar jeweils abhängig von der Datenbank) fest. Wenn zusätzliche Spalten Namen und Adressen speichern sollen, stellt sie die Spalten auf den Datentyp Text ein.

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Knowledge Gap 2020

I, Stephan, am very happy that I'm invited to give a presentation at the Knowledge Gap 2020 in Munich.

My presentation is about advanced techniques in Fact-Oriented Modeling.

Often data models are built with a technical focus, because they need to be delivered fast or must meet various technical requirements. Therefore, the business aspect and the meaning of objects and relationships are swept under the table. But then the business domain later hardly understands the data model and has problems to work with it in own applications or reports – which often results in a redesign of the data model and renewed time and cost expenditures.

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Webinar - Model driven decision making

An EXASOL Webinar serie

We are back again after a long time, with a new webinar. The last one, we (Mathias and I) did together is almost four years ago. Time flies by! What's up this time?

The fictitious company FastChangeCoTM has developed a possibility not only to manufacture Smart Devices, but also to extend the Smart Devices as wearables in the form of bio-sensors to clothing and living beings. With each of these devices, a large amount of (sensitive) data is generated, or more precisely: by recording, processing and evaluating personal and environmental data.

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Enterprise Data & BI & Analytics 19 #EDBIA

I am pleased to say that I will be participating at this year’s Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference Europe 18-22 November 2019, London. I will be speaking on the subject ‘From Conceptual to Physical Data Vault Data Model’ and (for sure) on my hobby horse subject temporal data: ‘Send Bi-Temporal Data from Ground to Vault to the Stars’. See my abstracts for the sessions below.

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Data Modeling Zone EU/US 19 #DMZone

OK, for those of you who just want to grab a promotion code... I'll make it short 😂:


As a speaker at both conferences I give you 15% on the DMZ EU and 20% on the DMZ US. You can register here.

For those of you who are also interested in what I'm going to talk about, a few more informations:

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  • Bitemporal Data

    If everything would happen at the same time, there would be no need to store historic data. We, the consumers of data, would know each and everything at the same instant. Beside all the other philosophical impacts, if time wouldn’t exists, is data still necessary?

    (Un)fortunately time exists and data architects, data modelers and developers have to deal with it in the world of information technology.

    In this category about temporal data I will collect all my blogposts about this fancy topic.

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