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PD Series - Customize comments for tables

Customize DDL for table/column comments in PowerDesigner

In several projects, FastChangeCo's data modelers on the Data Management Center of Excellence (DMCE) team had an issue with the way PowerDesigner generates comments for tables and columns for the SQL Server database. Xuefang Kaya (one of the data modelers on the team), asked about the problems, says to the DMCE team:

"No, it's not that PowerDesigner refuses to generate the comments at all. It's more that PowerDesigner is generating the wrong DDL for the SQL Server."

What is the problem?

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Flashback to the 38th TDWI Roundtable in Frankfurt

Our roundtable in Frankfurt in March started with a bang:

Marketing for BI is even lower in the priority order than documentation.

You really have to let that sink in. Is that the case?

Our speaker Kim de Vries (Identity Driven) explained to all participants that this should not be the case. Quite the opposite: Her presentation Data Management and Marketing - an unlikely couple? showed all the necessary elements to lead BIA projects to success in external presentation and communication with a good brand and marketing strategy.

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PowerDesigner Series

Tips and tricks for PowerDesigner

In loose order I report here about my gain of knowledge with the data modeling tool PowerDesigner. For myself, this series is a kind of diary, a knowledge base and the 'Secret Spice', in which I record my discoveries, my tips and tricks around PowerDesigner documented for myself: For problems of or with PowerDesigner that I had while working on data modeling tasks.

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PD Series - DBMS resource file

Create a customized DBMS resource file

PowerDesigner offers the possibility to edit the properties for a database in the so-called DBMS resource files.

The DMBS resource files contain all information for PowerDesigner to generate DDL, DML and other SQL artifacts. For many databases, there are pre-built, included DBMS resource files for the different database versions. For example, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2017 or Snowflake.

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  • Bitemporal Data

    If everything would happen at the same time, there would be no need to store historic data. We, the consumers of data, would know each and everything at the same instant. Beside all the other philosophical impacts, if time wouldn’t exists, is data still necessary?

    (Un)fortunately time exists and data architects, data modelers and developers have to deal with it in the world of information technology.

    In this category about temporal data I will collect all my blogposts about this fancy topic.

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