A CDC detects changes to data. In the case of deletions, this leads to the question: what can be deleted when loaded into a Data Vault?

8 reasons why temporal data is needed

This time, FastChangeCoTM's Data Management Center of Excellence (DMCE) team looks at the question: what are the business requirements for bitemporal data?

PowerDesigner is currently only available for the Windows operating system. So far, so familiar. Amal Leyla Qasim, a data modeler on the Data Management Center of Excellence (DMCE) team, has set her sights on switching her workstation to an Apple MacBook Air.

Data Vault Dimension-Ids

Resilient and temporally correct dimension Id’s for fact as well as dimension tables

In a dimensional data model based on a Data Vault data model, are integer values still necessary as dimension Id’s? And if so, how can the dimension Id’s be provided correctly?

TEDAMOH - Secret Spice Data Vault timeline - Picture by Parrish Freeman on Unsplash

Does the Load Date Timestamp (LDTS) data element in the hub, link, or satellite capture the timestamp of the batch, or rather the transaction timestamp at which the data originated in the operational system?

5th anniversary of TEDAMOH

Dear readers of my blog,

five years ago a long cherished idea of mine became reality. On July 1, 2017, TEDAMOH saw the light of day.

Last week I had the opportunity to present online at the Data Vault User Group about temporal data: Who, how, what - why bitemporal data? Who does not ask will not be wise!